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Hosen Sawai
Hosen Sawai
Cerisier de Myojyo en fleurs
Cerisier de Myojyo en fleurs (Uragawachi, Higashiyamashiro-cho, Imari-shi, Préfecture de Saga)
Myojo Cherry Blossom Tree (Uragawachi, Higashiyamashiro-cho, Imari-shi, Saga Prefecture)
It is said that a cherry seedling was brought from Mibudera Temple in Kyoto and planted here about 1,000 years ago. A seedling from the Myojo Cherry Blossom Tree (Edohigan Cherry Tree) made the journey home on the 1,000th anniversary of the founding of Mibudera Temple (1992). The tree flowers from the middle of March until the beginning of April.
1953年 Born the second son in a fisherman's family.
1972年 Graduated from the design program at Saga Prefecture's Arita Technical High School.
1975年 Traveled to Europe to study European art.
1989年 Established Hosen Studio in Narutaki, Kyoto.
1992年 "Myojo Cherry Blossom Tree" (painting) presented by Imari City at the "Myojo Cherry Blossom Tree: Returning Home Planting" ceremony commemorating the 1,000th anniversary of the founding of Mibudera Temple in Kyoto.
Held "Expressing Japanese Culture" exhibit in Los Angeles, where "Thousand Folded-Paper Cranes" (furisode-style kimono) is on permanent display. Held "Returning Home Exhibit" in Imari City.
1994年 Received "Japan Branch Grand Prize" from Millet Association in France.
The "Hikiyama" Autumn Festival in Karatsu (Iro-tomesode-style kimono)
1995年 Nominated as official member of the Musee Picasso.
Received "Montelupo Festival Award" in Florence, Italy.
1996年 Received "Outstanding Artist Award" at Spanish and Japanese International Contemporary Artist Exhibit.
1998年 Recognized as honorary citizen of Gilette, France.
2000年 Created "Myojo Cherry Blossom Tree" (four-panel screen). Housed in the permanent collection of Mibudera Temple in Kyoto.
2001年 Nominated as member of the Habsburg Palace Art Society in Vienna, Austria.
Received Principality of Monaco Honorary Award.
Exhibited works at "Le Japon a Monaco."
2002年 Recognized as member of Prado Museum Foundation in Spain.
2003年 Received honorary title "Artist Contributing to Russo-Japanese Friendship" at 300th anniversary of the founding of Saint Petersburg in Russia.
2004年 Painting "Wagakokoro Request for Peace" displayed in the "Returning Home Exhibit and Mibu Kyogen Classical Clothing Exhibit" commemorating the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of Imari City and placed in the permanent collection.
2005年 "Monaco-Japan Kimono Friendship Delegation and Hosen Sawai Exhibit(The 25th anniversary of creative activity)"was held at the Le Sporting d' Hiver Conference Center.
Frame (The RISING SUN in MONACO) is on permanent display.
2007年 At the Citizen's Center in IMARI City. "Myojo Cherry Blossom Tree" Returning Home Exhibit Commemorating the 15 Anniversary.The Second of Exhibit in MONACO.
2008年 The Exhibition at ISHIGAKI island.
2012年 A south France tanna royal family・international honor member authorization.
At the Imari civic hall.The special public performance of "Mibu kyogen" is Exhibited.
2013年 The Sawaihosen Kajyu commemoration show was held in Italy Venezia.
2015年 MibuKyogen, [Ooharame costume dedication]
In a MibuKyogen, April 29 the first show.
2017年 [Oketori] costume dedication.
2018年 [Doujyoji・Sirabyosi] costume dedication.
2019年 March 3.MibuKyogen, [Tuchigumo] is shown in Kyoto Mibu Temple.
[Momijigari] costume dedication of MibuKyogen.